Friday, December 12, 2008

Berry Silver Band Over 100yrs Old

The Berry Silver Band has provided a service to the local community since its inception in 1897. The band has been in continuous service for over 100 years. We are much appreciated by the local community and we play out at different functions at least once a month. The band has about 17 members. Colin Escott bandmaster plays trombone, double bass, euphonium etc. Owen Crawford plays cornet and tenor horn. Robin Mckay plays cornet, flugelhorn and tenor horn. Les Crosby plays cornet/trumpet, flugelhorn and provides vocals. Eddy Burgess, Kaye Johnston and Peter Carson play cornet. Chris Collins plays drums, Gus Miller plays euphonium and Colin Murphy plays baritone/euphonium. Dianne Harrell plays baritone. Mike, Peter Williams and Bruce plays double bass. Anna Pedersen, Marylin Willams and Lucie Johnston play percussion. Max Croot and Bradley Burt play trombone.

We have played at agriculture shows, memorials services, garden festivals, on the back of trucks in parades and play each ANZAC Day. The band members do not get paid. We give up our time to practice weekly and regularly play out for free. The community provide financial support by donation for our expenses.

We have a lot of fun in the band.

Berry Band Books for sale $5 AUD each, Postcards (images of band on screen) 50 c AUD each, Postage $1 Approx
Po Box 186 Berry 2535 NSW Australia

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